The Dog, The Night and The Knife
Australian Premiere
By Marius von Mayenburg

A Man, M, is alone on a street. Lost. He doesn’t know where he is. Someone approaches him and tries to devour him. So begins a terrifying night for M. No matter where he runs, he encounters the same faces trying to eat him.

Director – Eugene Lynch
Stage Manager – Kipp Lee
Composition/Sound Design – Kailesh Reitmans
Makeup Design - Annabel Cameron
Production Assistant – Shannon Rossiter

Featuring Tom Crotty, Samantha Lambert, Thomas G Burt


'It is truly the acting that is the star attraction here.
All three actors (Tom Crotty, Samantha Lambert and Thomas Burt) give riveting
…great direction from Eugene Lynch'

- Theatre Travels

Director Eugene Lynch is able to create a sense of macabre for the piece,

Noteworthy is music composer Kailesh Reitmans, who delivers clever atmospheric enhancements for the production, especially effective with the suspense he is able to convey.

Burt is particularly delightful with the dynamism he is able to bring to the stage.'
- Suzy Go See

'This Australian premiere sees Tom Crotty, Samantha Lambert and Thomas G Burt deliver compelling performances, under Eugene Lynch’s competent direction.
Burt delivers the most memorable performance of the night at the pointy end of the play, where the brutish ‘Dog’ vividly encapsulates the intoxicating effect of power.
Kailesh Reitmans’ clever, non-intrusive sound design deserves special mention, helping to
evoke…threatening conditions'

- Honi Soit


By Mike Bartlett

John always thought he was gay. After he sleeps with a woman, he isn’t so sure. John is torn between his long-time male partner and his new girlfriend. What ensues is a battle to possess John as he struggles to find himself.

Director – Eugene Lynch
Lighting Design/Stage Manager – Kipp Lee
Composition/Sound Design – Kailesh Reitmans

Featuring Luke Yager, Tom Crotty, Phoebe Heath, Peter Hayes

'W “is played expertly by Phoebe Heath, who never drops her close-to-bubbling-over manic
energy for a second”

Tom Crotty … shines as M

The most subtle performance however, is that of Luke Yager, who ensures that John’s indecision is cruel enough that the other characters don’t look like terrible people, but he is
sweet enough that they could plausibly be in love with him.

Director Eugene Lynch should be applauded for this fantastic production, which leaves the
audience feeling unsettled and like they may have learnt something about their own

- Theatre Travels 


Richard II
By William Shakespeare

It's good being King Richard. Raves, orgies - you get what you want when you want it.

Sick of your cousin? Banish him to France and steal his inheritance.

But be careful - power is given and it can be taken away. You might garner some powerful enemies. Your cousin might just return. And your fun might have to stop.

Director - Eugene Lynch
Stage Manager – Kipp Lee
Dramaturg – Nadia Bracegirdle
Sound Designer – Yuri Gore
Costume Designer – Kit Spencer

Featuring Lily Balatincz, Thomas G Burt, Samantha Lambert, Peter Hayes, Matthew Kerr, Peter Hayes, Dany Akbar, James Sandham, Duncan Max, Phoebe Heath



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